Teaching Indigeneous People about Organic Farming

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The Mamanwa or Indigenous people of Biliran grant scholarship from TESDA, which is a free training program on how to produce organic vegetables and organic concoctions.

The Mamanwa never though that people will set foot at their place to help them and just leave them behind in the mainstream of development. Gladly, the Technical Education and Skills development Authority (TESDA) in their province take the initiatives to introduce a life changing skills in organic farming, with their battle cry of not leaving anybody behind.

The main priority of the this project are the Indigenous People where TESDA assured that there will be a portion of land near their community where they can use for organic farming after the completion of their training.

It was a 16-day training. The first 8 days were focused on how to produce Organic Vegetables, while the remaining 8 days trained them to produce Organic Concoctions and Extract. Each 43 members of the Mamanwa received P1,600 plus a toolkit after the completion of the training.

Prior to the training on organic farming from TESDA; the Cabucgayan National School of Arts and Trades (CNSAT), a TESDA accredited vocational-technical training school in Biliran province, also provided the Mamanwa with a month-training on how to ‘Cook Hot Meals’.

Better life for Mamanwa people is on their way. By the learning and knowledge they have gained, the Mamanwa people are now able to produce an vegetables that can be sold and
become a source of income. Moreover, they are assured that the foods they will eat are safe.

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