The Grassroots Kitchen of Gawad Kalinga

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Grassroots Kitchen (GRK) was the second facility built by Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Barangay Encanto, Angat, Bulacan on 2005. Founded by Mr. Tony Miloto, it was started as a small open kitchen that serves as a welcoming venue for visitors came from different towns and nations. The design was plain and pleasant, an open structure with roofs made from bamboos and surrounded by different plants. Due to enormous increase of guests, they expanded the area to provide more space. With the help and support of Berjaya Philippines, Inc., GRK established more facilities and better equipment needed for the preparation of food and drinks in the kitchen.

The Grassroots Kitchen is an expression of the culinary creativity and experimentation of the Kapitbahayan (GK Community Partners). It is envisioned as one of the vital cornerstones of learning inside the Gawad Kalinga Farm and acts as the primary food center of the farm, catering to the 200,000 partners, entrepreneurs and students who visit the GK Enchanted Farm annually.

The GRK serves fresh vegetables, free-range meat, organic rice and juicy fruits which are locally produced, sourced and processed. It showcasing the different GK Enchanted Farm products and other social enterprises such as the Lifebank’s Center for Bayanihan Economics who supplies the GRK with organic herbs and green leafy vegetables.

Grassroots Kitchen is more than a place for cooking, it is a home that helps the nanays (mothers) of GK community to provide livelihood for their families. With the help of the two international chefs of Grassroots Kitchen, Mr. Guilhem and Mr. Phillip, the nanays‘ broaden their culinary skills and learned different techniques in cooking. Grassroots Kitchen local delicacies will not just tickle your palate, but, with every delicious bite, will also show the untapped potential which the grassroots has an abundance to offer.


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