A Vow for OA of Davao

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Organic Agriculture is not expensive and impractical. It just need work and patience, that’s why local government in Davao supports those who initiate in engaging organic farming. It is good that more people are now aware on the harmful effects of synthetic farm inputs in the environment and human health. The local government of Davao also believes that organic farming can help in preserving the environment especially the wonder of their city like rich water resources.


The local government conducted “Araw ng Dabaw Agri-Trade Fair” which was participated by different farmers in the area who showcases their products. One of the participants was JP Into, a farmer whose into organic farming. Mr. Into showcases his more than 37 kinds of organic herbs and vegetables like thyme, marjoram, coriander, cilantro, basil, lemon balm, oregano and many more. He also displays his potted vegetables and herbs that ready for either harvest or consumption. These organic vegetables and herbs only cost around Php50 – Php150 per pot. These potted herbs and vegetables can be a start for your own herb/vegetable garden that doesn’t require a lot of space from your backyard. More people are now interested in organic urban garden.


He believes that instead of using chemicals /synthetic fertilizer to your crops, there are other materials we can use in our farm. Hes uses concoction made from indigenous organic materials. These products can be purchased in many agricultural shop at very affordable prices. But most of the time, those can be found around us, we just need to be more resourceful.

Planting your own crops can help the government in their food production campaign. Mr. Into said that planting your own vegetables and herbs benefits not only your health but also the family budget. Aside from the produce, these crops can be placed anywhere, backyards, fences, garage depending on where you want it to be and depending on the availability of space because it can add design and beauty at your homes.


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