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The demand for vegetable is becoming greater because it is inexpensive and healthier than other foods especially when it is grown organic. Vegetable gardening can be a hobby because it doesn’t require your full attention and can augment the family income.

Leafy vegetables are highly variable group of crop plants that can be defined as vegetables grown for their edible leaves. This group of crops are grown across different areas in our country because the demand is getting higher.

It can maybe cool-season crops or warm-season crops that can be grown as annuals or perennials. Example of leafy vegetables that are cool-season crops are lettuce and spinach which we usually grow here in cooler places, shaded areas or in green houses to avoid too much sunlight.

Loose, fertile, sandy loam soils are best for growing leafy. Most of leafy vegetables have shallow root and cultivation should be carefully done. Organic fertilizers like vermicompost and animal manure can be applied for better result, it can be applied using broadcast method before planting.

Lettuce, spinach, kangkong, mustard and pechay are some of leafy vegetables present in Center for Bayanihan Economics. Practices like crop rotation and inter-cropping were done to prevent pest or they are using organic concoctions If the pest can’t no longer be controlled.


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