The Frigid Crops

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Cole crops or basically known as Brassica are crops that are well adapted to cool season production because they are quite cold resistant. These are members of Cruciferae (mustard) family which includes Chinese cabbage, broccoli Brussels, sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower.

These crops grow well on well-drained soils with a good moisture holding capacity. The specific time when to plant cole crops will be different depending on which one you want to grow.

For example, most of cabbage varieties can be planted much earlier than cauliflower and broccoli because they can tolerate much lower temperature. For best results, cole crops should be grown in full sun but due to their need for cooler temperature, it is advisable to have it in partially shaded area.

Here in our country, which is a tropical one, where we have short cooler season, these cole crops were planted in shaded areas mostly in form of greenhouses by keeping direct sun falling on the plants. By doing this, they get best result. Most of the well-known producing regions of cole crops can be found in cooler areas in the country like Baguio and mountainous area in Northern Luzon.

But these crops were exposed in too much chemicals, chemical fertilizer and pesticides. Hopefully, we can help farmers to grow these crops in a natural way where they can earn more profit. They need more knowledge and assistance in practicing this kind of farm techniques. Center for Bayanihan Economics in Angat, Bulacan is a good place to start to learn organic farming techniques wherein they produce organic crops specifically cole crops and they have much to showcase as an certified organic farm.


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