Lifebank Foundation joins the 3rd Organic Congress of IFOAM Asia

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The 3rd Congress of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements in Asia (IFOAM Asia) was held last September 16-21, 2018, hosted by the Philippine Government through its Local Government Unit of Bislig City, Surigao del Sur in Mindanao.

ONE BIG FAMILY ON INNOVATIONS AND SUSTAINABILITY was the central theme for the four organic events that were held simultaneously with the Organic Asia Congress – the ALGOA (Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture) Forum; the Asian Organic Rice Conference and the 5th OFIA (Organic Farming Innovation Award) Summit. The emphases of the theme was One Big Asian Family of diverse culture with similar values anchored on the shared foundational principles of sustainable organic agriculture development among Asian Nations, to contribute to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

More than 150 foreign delegates from 24 countries and areas all over the world together with 1,000 national delegates from all over the Philippines witnessed the largest organic event in Asia for this year. Different stakeholders shared their best practices in sustainable agriculture development and institutionalized the mechanisms to enhance cooperation for the Organic Food Systems and Consumption in Asian Region.

Among the delegates from the Philippines was the Life bank Foundation Inc. (LBF) represented by Mr. Nicanor Perlas and Ms. Digna Ruth Daliva who actively participated in the Organic Agriculture Congress, ALGOA Forum and the Asian Organic Rice Conference. Mr. Perlas, member of Board of Trustees of Life bank Foundation, provided a lecture on sustainable agriculture with the delegates from Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture (ALGOA). A wonderful insight was shared by Ms. Davida , expressing that all the conferences presented vast ideas, philosophies, new technologies, innovations and best practices in organic agriculture, how she wished that this body of knowledge will be channeled to our farmers to further empower and capacitate them.

The Organic Asian Congress is an annual event organized by IFOAM Asia with the support of local governments in Asia. It is an annual gathering of IFOAM Asia affiliates (including ALGOA members) and their partners in Asia to bring together the major stakeholders to discuss issues and challenges facing the organic sector and to come up with positive and pro-active solutions for the development of organic agriculture in the region.


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