SEP and SAP Teams explores food processing technologies in UPLB

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As the Lifebank’s CBE continue asserting its role on empowering sustainable agriculture, the SEP team and the SAP team went to University of the Philippines in Los Banos, Laguna to explore food processing innovations and marketing strategies.

Mr. Wilson Tan PhD., University Researcher of the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) introduced their food science cluster wherein the different technologies, researches and machineries are showcased. Dr. Tan mentioned the development of appropriate and efficient food handling and processing technologies and shared stories on the technical assistance they provide to the various sectors of the food industry, particularly the small and medium enterprises. An example of their technical assistance IFST offers is the short term training/courses on food processing technology. The SAP and SEP team also witnessed several market booths inside the UPLB campus that showcase different organic produce and agro-processed products.


The visit to IFST inspired the SAP and SEP team. The team became keen on adopting appropriate food processing and handling technologies, which are also envisioned to be showcased in the farm. It is also part of the plan to share the technologies with the agripreneurs of LifeBank Foundation, Inc.



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