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Established in 2000, GreenMinds, Inc. is a people-oriented & self-sustaining non- government organization committed to the preservation and protection of our fragile environment. With its various training packages, GreenMinds, Inc. promotes innovative and appropriate ecological farming technologies. Through these and its different advocacy programs, the organization aims to improve and uplift the lives of the marginalized farmers and indigenous communities that it serves.

In line with its main thrust to preserve and protect the environment through the practice and dissemination of ecological agriculture technologies, GreenMinds has been providing various training and consultancies since its inception in 2000. Among the training packages they offer are the following:

· Vermiculture

· Ecological Crop Production

· Alternative Pest Management

· Organic Farm Planning

· Organic Container Gardening

· Internal Control System (ICS) for Organic Certification

· Medicinal and Culinary Herbs Production

Trainings consist of 25% lecture and 75% hands-on learning. They use participative and experiential methods to help ensure that the farmers they train can use and implement the technologies on their farms. They also advocate for Indigenous Knowledge Systems and Practices (IKSP) and integrate these into their training programs. To support practical learning, they have developed “Learning while Earning” sites – an eco-friendly home and an organic farm – to serve as hands-on laboratories.

As of November 2014, GreenMinds Inc. successfully trained 3,752 individuals, farmers, students and members of tribal communities such as the Mamanwa, Higaonon, Manobo, Subanen, Tausug, Maranao and Naulasuwatu on ecological farming. Also, with the assistance of GreenMinds, 63 communities were able to establish food security gardens, practice eco-friendly and affordable farming technologies and enjoy chemical-free vegetables.

Sustainable Ecological & Economic Development (SEED) Program

In partnership with Indigenous communities and other NGOs, holistic community development endeavors and social enterprises are established in Bukidnon, Philippines, and Tanna Island, Republic of Vanuatu. The Higaonon and Matigsalug partner communities are the sources of the only certified organic peanut in the Philippines. GreenMinds produces organic peanut products and medicinal culinary herbs using organic technologies. By buying their products, you help the farmers of Bukidnon and our environment.


Pilipinut is the first and only certified organic peanuts produced in the country today. This product is certified by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines ( Pilipinut is made possible through a social enterprise partnership between GreenMinds Inc. and three indigenous people’s (IP) communities in Bukidnon. Every purchase of Pilipinut products provides a livelihood for the marginalized farmers who produce the peanuts and for the womenfolk and elderly who are involved in processing. Aside from training these farming communities in organic agricultural methods, GreenMinds has also established a peanut processing plant in Cagayan de Oro and assists in marketing and product development. Pilipinut peanuts are available in four variants – roasted, salted, chili salted and sugar-coated. Other Pilipinut products include peanut butter.

 Potted Medicinal and Culinary Herbs

Organically-grown potted medicinal and culinary herbs are available for sale in both GreenMinds’ “Learning while Earning” sites – Balay Kinaiyahan in Cagayan de Oro and Umanika Eco-Cultural Farm in Malaybalay, Bukidnon, Philipines. Among the medicinal plants available are the following:

· Akapulko

· Aloe Vera

· Angelica

· Citronella

· Coleus

· Gotu-Kola

· Kalabo

· Lagundi

· Pansit-pansitan

· Sambong

· Tsaang Gubat

· Tawa-tawa

· Cat’s whiskers

Various potted culinary herbs are also sold at their “Learning while Earning” sites at reasonable prices. Among those available are the following:

· Basil

· Chives

· Eucalyptus

· Fennel

· Lavender

· Lemon Balm

· Lemon Grass

· Mint

· Mugwort

· Oregano

· Pandan

· Rosemary

· Sage

· Sawtooth Coriander

· Sibujing

· Gaynura

· Stevia

· Tarragon

Learning While Earning Sites

GreenMinds has developed two learning sites that not only serve as venues for training and research but also feature the technologies that they practice and teach. Balay Kinaiyahan is an eco-friendly home in urban Cagayan de Oro City while Umanika is an organic farm in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. Both these learning sites are frequented by schools, local government units, and other similar NGOs as destinations for exposure trips, school field trips, and local study missions.


GreenMinds’ social services program has been fuelled by the dedication of the selfless individuals who support us by sharing their time, resources and expertise.


GreenMinds is open to accommodate guests by appointment from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. For inquiries, bookings, and orders, please contact us at Turquoise St., Golden Village, Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City.


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