Proud Family of Organic Farmers

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Last August 25,2019, Aniñon Family was awarded as the most outstanding farming family of the year during the Regional Organic Agriculture Congress held in Davao Region. This family has started to go organic in 2005. Fruit trees, cacao, coffee and ornamental plants were planted in their 2 hectares of land and a fishpond is also present in their farm. To maintain having organic products, the family makes sure to have a space for their vermicompost and vermiculture production and concoctions like fermented fruit juice, fish amino acid, to be applied in their crops.

Isidro Aniñon, the breadwinner of the family, decided to change their method of farming when he recognized the bad effects of conventional farming, using chemical synthetic fertilizers. “My fear in using synthetic concerns mostly my heart when it is obvious that it’s no longer advantageous” Isidro stated.  However, the padre de pamilya was also able to assimilate the benefits of organic in his family as well as his environment and products.

Every member of the family has designations in the farm. Meriam Aniñon, the daughter of Isidro, works with record keeping and attending of seminars and trainings regarding organic agriculture to be applied in their farm. She said, “If I could only attend every seminar pertaining to organic agriculture, I will push through it. Because it really has contributed so much help in our farm and I want to improve it further and make it sustainable.” Arbie Aniñon, her younger brother, studies innovation that involves adding value to their produce. Aniñon Family works as one for the improvement of their farm and for a consistent organic production.

As a result, Isidro was able to send his 9 children in school. They are satisfied with the fruit of their choice by having alternative concept on making their farm more productive. At present, the family Aniñon is working with the Department of Agriculture to further promotes Organic farming. Like what they have said, organic farming won’t cost you a lot. In fact, it is far more affordable. They do not have so much expense since their family does the labor itself- making their own fertilizers and concoctions. “This is what I always bring out with other farmers, it is not all about the words being said, believe when you get to see it,” Isidro Aniñon stated.

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